Look how pretty they are in their box :D

I don’t know if I told you all, I won these invitations at a bridal show back in October…
You had to choose a cupcake from some shelves and if your cupcake had a sticker on the bottom of it, you’d won a prize! Otherwise you got a yummy cupcake and the money went to the British Heart Foundation so win win really!
Our cupcake had a gold sticker meaning it was one of the top prizes so we did a lucky dip from the gold bowl of prizes and pulled out 100 free wedding invitations from Leeming Brothers Fine Stationery :)

The invitations really are beautiful and I’d highly recommend the company – they send you through a pack of beautiful samples by request, respond quickly to emails, really try their best to get you the invitations you’re looking for, and most importantly produce some lovely stationery.

We really wanted the teal writing to match in with our bridesmaid’s dresses which was hard as everyone has a different opinion on what teal is! And when proofs are being sent electronically you also have the added problem of looking at colours on a screen. We sent Lewis a fabric sample and he was able to match the colours perfectly

Just got to print off and add in my extra information sheets now before I can post them!

Pre-wedding photo shoot

Had our pre-wedding photo shoot yesterday :)

We went to Borough Market and our photographer followed us around sneakily taking shots whilst we debated buying crap loads of food and ate all the possible freebies on offer haha!

Can’t wait to see the pictures!! We get to choose one to get blown up and used as a guest book on our wedding day :)


Last Sunday was my cousin’s 18th birthday and she had a party in a marquee in the garden. It was a fun night full of American diner themed food (mmmmmm..)

For the entertainment they’d booked a singer and guitar player (named James) who was awesome. So Conor and I chatted to him after he’d finished his set in the interest of maybe booking him for our wedding.

Having booked our DJ on the cheap (mentioned before), we decided we could probably afford to push the boat out for some live music for our first dance and to begin the partying. We thought it would set a nice tone and the more we’ve thought about it, the more it’s become a necessity we didn’t even realise we wanted!

James sounded perfect. He charges £250 for an hour and a half of music, including his travel out to our venue. He’s down to earth, plays the songs we like and was more than happy to learn some that he didn’t know if we really wanted them! He even offered to bring a friend to duet with when we mentioned The Beautiful South!

Just got to email him now and get it booked!

Book them!

So after talking to two friends who are getting married the same summer as I am, I became completely freaked about the lack of things we’ve done towards the wedding since booking the venue.

Thankfully Conor took control of the situation, made a couple of phone calls, and provisionally booked a DJ and a photographer… Just like that!! It definitely pays to have contacts when planning a wedding! Ha. The photographer is a school friend’s dad who wants to move from family portraits into wedding photography and the DJ is his sister’s drum teacher. And therefore they’re both super cheap :D Although my dad has a uni friend who’s a proper wedding photographer so we may go for them instead… If my dad ever rings him!!! Aghh.